Our CEO, Rafael González is a professional engineer, certified solar and electrical contractor. Rafael performs engineering consulting work for B2B clients, designs electrical systems, including Photovoltaic Grid-tied, Bi-Modal, and Off-grid, and applies project management skills to minimize costs. He also manages construction permits, certifications, and inspections.
As an engineering director for New Energy Consultants and Contractors, Rafael oversees entire operations of the Engineering Department for both residential and commercial photovoltaic systems projects, ranging from 3kW DC to 1MW DC. He also supervised a team of draftsmen, licensed engineers, engineers in training, master electricians, and photovoltaic system installers. He also implemented LEAN Six Sigma philosophy to restructure the Engineering Department and new design techniques for next-generation renewable energy systems, merging different technologies (solar, wind, and batteries), including Tesla and Sonnen brands.
During his tenure in Genesis Green Systems as an Electrical Engineer/Designer, Rafael designed over 500 kW DC of Single Phase and Three Phase Photovoltaic Systems. In addition, he performed site surveys and maintenance activities. Rafael is also proficient in permit processes for different jurisdictions.
As a biomedical technology instructor for Instituto Tecnológico de Puerto Rico, Rafael offered the following courses:

  • AC Circuits Class & Lab, Biomedical Instrumentation.
  • Grade different student work, laboratory reports & oral presentations.
  • Collaborate with fellow instructors to improve current department offering.


HR Manager

Our HR Manager, Maribel Figueroa, has a degree in Human Resources and a Master’s in Labor Relations from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico and has 15 years of experience in the HR field, working in different industries from customer service to educational institutions. One of the most outstanding qualities possessed by Maribel is her ability to get organized for all planning regarding ENGIPARTNERS’ human resources and the professional development of the company’s workforce. Part of her primary responsibilities is focused on transforming all policies into executable plans and procedures. In addition, Maribel possesses keen interpersonal skills, a natural ability to lead, and a strong sense of prioritization, making her a true leader among the staff.

Eddie’s experience as a sales & marketing professional have been developed working in campaigns (digital with traditional media support) for US & Latin American markets. During his career serving as Marketing Director, Product Development Manager, and Field Manager, Eddie worked for entities as the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Hard Rock Cafe San Juan, and Pan-American Grains. His past roles focused not only from the promotional standpoint but also on ROI for each project and included a complete analysis and KPI’s for each effort, a 360-degree approach with an essential element in mind: profitability.


Business Development Manager