Welcome to Engipartners. We work with you to provide the best solutions in:

  • Solar Design
  • Drafting Services
  • Electrical Systems
  • Business Technology

About us

We are your engineering partners in everything from solar design to business technology, working with you to provide the most efficient and cost-effective systems on the market. We provide industry-leading solutions for B2B clients, securing your operational efficiency. With our headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, we are licensed as professional engineers (PE) in more than 10 states and counting. We do not subcontract PE stamps, you can rely on our expert in-house team to complete all our projects to the highest standard.IMG_123566234We are currently licensed in Florida, California, Texas, Utah, Connecticut and DC. In the Caribbean we are licensed in Puerto Rico and are growing every day. We do not outsource our PE licenses, we hold them inhouse. We have designed, installed and commissioned ambitious solar projects providing more than 8.5 MW of solar power across the US and Caribbean, as well as educating our clients on the best business technology solutions to suit their company.


We have one mission with our business: to help our partners reach their full potential in operational efficiency by supporting their solar and business technology projects. We are more than an engineering firm. We are consultants and partners. We work alongside our B2B clients and help them create efficient, sustainable projects. Our network is expanding across the US, with the aim of having experts in every single state to support our clients’ needs. Currently, we have completed projects in Florida, California, Texas, Utah, Connecticut and Puerto Rico.

Customer Promise

We are dedicated to designing the best solutions for our clients so they can be confident that they are installing systems that will truly work for them and improve efficiency.IMG_720820906

  • While many companies have legal and accounting partners, they don’t often have engineering partners to help them streamline and improve their operations. Filling this void is our purpose.

    Our Mission Statement
  • Energy deregulation will be the largest transfer of wealth in history.

    Warren Buffett